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Slaying The Giant–David vs Goliath

Today’s turbulent marketing world is morphing at a mind-bending pace. Customer acquisition strategies that worked perfectly a few short years ago are all but broken, with many of the vehicles delivering those strategies equally spent.

The new marketing—digital engagement, social media, mobile apps, narrow casting, geo-targeted search and viral marketing— has replaced the tried and true. Disciplines like broadcast advertising to create awareness,  grand openings to drive store traffic and sweepstakes to promote new products are as a barren landscape. The conventional has given way to the unconventional; the champion has bowed to the underdog.

If you are a business today—in our rapidly expanding  global community with its opportunities and dangers— you understand that what you’re really involved in is a struggle of “biblical” proportions:  It’s you, facing a proverbial Goliath.

david and goliath big

If you read the story of David in the ancient text that tells of his legendary confrontation, you understand why we chose the name SmoothStone Partners.

Around 2,600 BC the nation of Israel was facing a curiously similar fate in a stretch of land called the Valley of Succoth. The battle was not for marketshare, however, but for freedom, land and possessions. An extraordinary showdown pitted the leader of the army of Philistia against Israel’s own king in a vicarious winner-takes-all duel.

An arsenal of weaponry was cached and prepared to aid in a direct assault on mighty Goliath, yet the presumed combatant for this do-or-die confrontation, King Saul, lacked both the courage and creativity to achieve any measure of conquest.

Armed with only a primitive sling and a few smooth stones – but with the right skills – David heroically took on Goliath. With one well-placed stone to the skull he took down the giant, and earning himself a place of respect and leadership.

The same is true in today’s marketing world. It’s how we at SmoothStone Partners endeavor to help businesses survive and thrive in today’s tough economy. Not with overly complex processes, convoluted methodologies or over-priced talent. But with creative minds, a careful selection of stunningly accurate tools and the courage to help your company conquer those marketing giants.

Welcome to SmoothStone Partners.